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Denon DM38 DAB+ Mini System

From June, the successor to Denon's well reviewed and stupidly popular DM37 mini system, the DM38, will be available in store.

Denon DM 38

Visually, not much has changed. The main thing is that those who want full iPod control no longer need to buy the ASD11R iPod dock to accompany it - all functions are now available via the USB on the front of the unit. Power is still a decent 30wpc, and incorporates a single mono pre-output for adding a subwoofer. There are two analogue inputs, and a pair of analogue outputs for running to a recording device, or for an offboard headphone pre-amplifier.


PDF Sheet below:


Available from June.

Kalpataru Tree

Come across this while listening to my usual group of internet radio stations....it's now my most listened to album over the past month.

Nice and laid back stuff - the album's called Scattered Fragments Of The Eternal Dream. It's not available on CD unfortunately, only download. Visit www.kptree.com and click on MUSIC, then on the PayPlay option, which will take you to a 192kbps download of all 9 tracks of the album, a decent 75 minutes worth for only $7.92, which works out around £5.30 - BARGAIN!!

Last.FM page here


You can hear them on Napster, but I'd recomend the higher quality download mentioned above, as Napster is only 128kbps.

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