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Home Theatre - More Speakers Or Less?

home theatreHome Theatre - More Speakers Or Less?

You have a 5.1 home theatre setup. You've been very happy with it for a number of years, but now you want to take it to the next step. Improve it. Do you add more speakers and look to Atmos to provide what you are looking for? Or do you stick to 5.1 and improve sound quality? There are a number of factors at play here including the room itself and the type of films you are into, but it's worth noting that Atmos is the same audio quality as the existing Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio sound formats.

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What makes 4K televisions so brilliant?


What makes 4K televisions so brilliant?

On the face of it, it’s obvious what makes a 4K telly desirable. It is a much higher resolution screen that even 1080p screens, with roughly 4 times as many pixels. This is important in two different ways.

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Yamaha RXV1067 / 2067 / 3067 3D AV Receivers

RXV1067 £849

The Yamaha RXV1067 is a 7 channel receiver capable of 105wpc (8ohms), with assignable amplification for biamping. All the usual decoding capabilities of today's receivers are present and there are no less than 8 HDMI inputs, and 2 outputs. The HDMI's are 1.4a, CEC compatible (with Audio Return Channel), which can also be selected between even when the receiver is in standby. Instead of the usual 4 Scene choices on most Yamaha receivers, the 1067 gives even more with 12 Scene choices, all with variable parameters.

You have access to thousands of internet radio stations via it's DNLA 1.5v certified internet connection, which also allows Receiver Management. Streaming of WAV/MP3/WMA/AAC/and FLAC 96/24 files is also possible, as well as Web Browser Control via PC or PDA. A front mounted USB port allows MP3 connection, and the 1067 is fully compatible with iPods and iPhones via it's new optional YDS12 iPod dock. Wireless connction is also available via the optional YIDW10. The YBA10 also allows Bluetooth (A2DP) compatibility.

There are 17 Cinema DSP programmes, Compressed Music Enhancer for compressed files, and also a Virtual Presence Speaker for using 3D DSP programmes without extra front speakers. Yamaha's YPAO room EQ with multi-point measurement is present, as always.

A full 7.1 multi-channel input is provided, as well as a full set of 7.2 pre-outputs.


RXV2067 £1099

Like the RXV1067, the RXV2067 is also a 7 channel receiver capable of 130wpc (8ohms), with assignable amplification for biamping, and, like the RXV3067, is built around an H shaped cross member frame for added rigidity. It also uses a symmetrical power amplifier layout, as well as a new heat sink with anti-vibration and anti-thermal properties.

The video side adds an HQV 'VDH1900' video chip for SD and HD video, with variable parameters and 6 preset memories for ease of use. The Burr Brown DACs are built on Pre Ground circuitry.

A second remote control is provided with the 2067 for easy multi-zone control, and the main 2067 remote also adds a display. A third zone is catered for over the 2 zones of the RXV1067. An enhanced version of Yamaha's YPAO room equalisation also gives the RXV2067 a bunk up over the RXV1067.

Again, a full 7.1 multi-channel input is provided, as well as a full set of 7.2 pre-outputs.

Over the RXV1067, the RXV2067 adds: 2 HDMI outputs / H Frame Construction / YPAO-RSC / Dual Clock Circuit / Adaptive Contrast Enhancement / Edge Enhancement / Mosquito Noise Reduction / Block Noise Reduction / Temporal Noise Reduction / HD De-Interlacing / Zone GUI


RXV3067 £1499

The RXV3067 is also a 7 channel receiver which boosts the power output considerably over it's little brothers to 140wpc (8ohms), and is built around the H shaped cross member frame used in the RXV2067, but adds a double bottom construction for added rigidity, which is used in the DSPZ11.

The RXV3067 adds the use of an extra high capacity block capacitor. It's Burr Brown DSD1796 DAC's use their own Pure Gound circuit.

The RXV3067 adds the capability of 4 zones, controllable via the supplied second remote control.

A full 7.1 multi-channel input is provided, as well as a full set of 7.2 pre-outputs. With an external power amplifier, the amount of channels can be expanded to 11.2.

Over the RXV2067, the RXV3067 adds: Double Bottom Covers / Gold Plated speaker terminals / Large Block Capacitors (50% bigger than 1067/2067).

Onkyo BDPS807 THX Bluray Player


Onkyo are about to launch a new, high specification profile 2.0 Bluray player, which is shaping up to be a strong contender in the sub £1,000 price point. Boasting their usual battleship build quality, the player sports a simple, uncluttered facia, but still managing to look pretty serious.

Onkyo have looked at the player as a whole in order to achieve better results. The centre mounted mechanism sits lower than usual to help weight distribution, and components that cause even tiny vibrations have been placed closer to the feet of the player to reduce this.

Even though some manufacturers have chosen to omit onboard decoding, Onkyo has included this, widening it's appeal to those who aren't using HD AV receivers, allowing them to take full advantage of 7.1 HD audio. The HDMI output is full 1.3a specification, capable of Deep Colour, CEC, and x.v.Colour.

Video upscaling is performed by Anchor Bay's ABT1030 "Video reference Series" chip, ensuring high quality upscaling of standard definition DVD discs, which also benefit from 3D Noise Reduction. The 12 bit video DAC features NSV technology ensures any HD video is as pure as possible, and even sports an HDMI "Source Direct Mode" allowing pure, untouched HD video to be sent from the player. One good feature of this player is the ability to use the HDMI and the component video output at the same time.

Independent circuit blocks for audio, digital video, and analogue video ensure improved stability by reducing electromagnetic interference.

All in all this looks a very promising player, and well worth it's asking price given the features and promised performance on offer. It's also going to be a strong addition to their AV receivers, and especially to the pre/power AV package that's it's been designed to be used with. And it's not plastic :)

I've saved the best for last - THX certification! And you still get change from £600......