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Naim Uniti Evolves

NaimUnitiEvolved Naim Uniti Evolves

Naim Uniti Evolves The Uniti systems have evolved into full multi-room components capable of entertaining a whole house with genuinely high-quality music. The new Uniti range blends Uniti quality with Muso simplicity that retains the flexibility of both ranges. Naim has created a product range expanding the brand's multi-room capabilities that bridge the quality gap to their Uniti systems.

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Cyrus 6A/8A & 6DAC/8DAC - on demo

Cyrus Electronics have released new integrated amplifiers to replace their 6xp and 8xp. The 6A and 8A have improved power amplifier sections, and have also been repositioned at a cheaper price point. There are also digital versions with onboard DACs.

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