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KEF R Series - on demo

KEF Audio are about to unleash their R series range of loudspeakers onto the UK market. These have been carefully designed using much of the technology used in their highly innovative Blade 'apparent point source' loudspeaker. The R series brings the new developments of the original Concept Blade to a very affordable price.

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KEF Blade - on demo

The Cutting Edge....

At the Munich High End show in 2009, KEF Audio showcased a concept speaker, the Concept Blade, a no-holds-barred exercise to show KEF's technological abilities. The project took three years of extensive design and testing, and was highly acclaimed at the German show. KEF felt the Concept Blade was too good to keep from it's many fans, and two years later, at the 2011 Munich show, unveiled the Blade - an attainable version, which KEF claim actually improve in certain areas over the original concept. This radical, 'single apparent source' loudspeaker marks KEF's 50th anniversary.

More details on the Blade loudspeaker can be viewed at our forum here.