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Do speaker stands improve the sound quality of bookshelf speakers?

do speaker stands help

Do speaker stands improve the sound quality of bookshelf speakers?

This is an important question, actually. Many of us either prefer or have little choice but to accept the smaller size and reduced cost of smaller, easier to mount ‘bookshelf speakers’ rather than the full size monsters with woofers the size of dinner plates that we all wanted as kids...

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Mysteries of the Turntable Explained

Mystery of turntables

Mysteries of the Turntable Explained

Have you ever wondered how Turntables operate? ever wondered why they are becoming more popular by day? Well, luckily we have some explanation for you here.

Learn all the mysteries of turntables below...

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Cyrus Lyric 5 & Lyric 9 - on demo

Cyrus Audio will be adding two all in-in-one systems to their hi-fi range shortly - the Lyric 5 and the Lyric 9. Both will incorporate high power digital amplification, a CD player, streaming capabilities, a DAB radio, FM radio, and presumably internet radio. Details are thin on the ground at the moment, but I'll update as soon as I get more.

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Marantz AV7005 / MM7055 AV Pre/Power

Later this year, Marantz will be releasing a new AV pre/power. The AV7005 and MM7055 will be a visual cross between the current AV8003/MM8003 and their Premium product range, with their nifty little circular front panel display.

The AV7005 will have 6 HDMI inputs, with 2 HDMI outputs, all ready for 3D. It will include full HD audio processing with Pro-Logic IIz, and have Audyssey MultiEQ XT with Audyssey DSX room EQ processing. It will be fully DNLA 1.5 compliant, and incorporate an internet radio, with full suppoer for vTuner and Napster. It will also have a full 7.2 XLR output. It'll even include a phono stage!

Price will be a very reasonable £1699.


The MM7055 5 channel power amplifier which can be connected to the AV7005 via XLR. It is 140w per channel. It will have a power meter display on the front, presumably in their Premium style.

Price will be £1099.

An MM7025 2 channel power amplifier will be available to add to the above to make the system 7 channel.

Price will be £729.

All will be available October 2010. More details over at our audio forum

Denon DM38 DAB+ Mini System

From June, the successor to Denon's well reviewed and stupidly popular DM37 mini system, the DM38, will be available in store.

Denon DM 38

Visually, not much has changed. The main thing is that those who want full iPod control no longer need to buy the ASD11R iPod dock to accompany it - all functions are now available via the USB on the front of the unit. Power is still a decent 30wpc, and incorporates a single mono pre-output for adding a subwoofer. There are two analogue inputs, and a pair of analogue outputs for running to a recording device, or for an offboard headphone pre-amplifier.


PDF Sheet below:


Available from June.

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