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Wireless Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser Wireless HaadphonesWireless Headphones

With summer looming we will be spending more and more time outdoors in the sun or on holiday, meaning iPods and phones will be providing more of us with music on the move. The main drawback of conventional headphones is the cable which gets tangled and twisted, which generally restricts your free movement. Wireless headphones remove this constant annoyance...

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Guide for choosing the right Hi Fi Headphones | HiFix

headphones guide

Guide for choosing the right Hi Fi Headphones | HiFix

When choosing Headphones there are a number of things to consider, for example if you are listening to your Hi Fi System then the first will be closed or open headphones. Both are generally great for home listening but there are enormous differences...

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Sennheiser RS165/175/185/195 Range Headphones

Sennheiser RS Range

RS165/175/185/195 Range Headphones

Have you ever wanted to own a pair of headphones that you will love, without the use of wires? The RS range is a fantastic range of headphones which does just that.

Learn all about the Sennheiser RS range below...

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Frank Harvey Open Day 30/11/2013

This year, our open day will take place on Saturday 30th November between 10am and 5pm. So far, eleven brands will be on demonstration, including Sony's new 4K ultra HD home theatre projector,Yamaha's new CXA5000/MXA5000 AV pre/power, KEF's R Series loudspeakers, Rega's new RP10 turntable, And Cyrus' new all-in-one Lyric systems and their new Class D power amplifier.

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