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Frank Harvey Open Day 30/11/2013

This year, our open day will take place on Saturday 30th November between 10am and 5pm. So far, eleven brands will be on demonstration, including Sony's new 4K ultra HD home theatre projector,Yamaha's new CXA5000/MXA5000 AV pre/power, KEF's R Series loudspeakers, Rega's new RP10 turntable, And Cyrus' new all-in-one Lyric systems and their new Class D power amplifier.

InFocus SP8602

Frank Harvey Hi-Fi now have the InFocus SP8602 home theatre projector on demonstration. This projector is a full HD, DLP design, and has a 30,000:1 contrast ratio, with a standard bulb life of 2,000 hours. Price is £2995.

InFocus SP8602

Feel free to arrange a demo by calling 02486 525200.


Epson TW3500 and TW4400

We now have the Epson TW3500 amd TW4400 LCD projectors on demo, to demo alongside our existing JVC / InFocus / Optoma / Panasonic / Mitsubishi line up. Both are full 1080p HD and use 10 bit video processing, have up to 4,000 hours lamp life, with a very low noise level of 22dB. Both are RS232 controllable, and have a 12v trigger.


The TW3500 utilises a 3 panel LCD system (one for each colour) for a more accurate colour pallette. Contrast ratio is a respectable 36,000:1.


The TW4400 also uses the same 3 panel LCD system, but uses the C2 Fine LCD panels for an improved picture. Zoom is motorised from the remote control (this is manual on the 3500), and it's two HDMI inputs are Deep Colour compatable. Contrast ratio is a far higher 130,000:1.

All Epson projectors come with a 3 year warranty.

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