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Record Store Day List 2016

Record Store day 2016 exclusive releases

Record Store Day List 2016

Record Store Day list for 2016 is now live! The big day is only just over five weeks away now, and there's something in there for music lovers everywhere of all ages to collect and enjoy. What will you be hunting down for your collection?

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Why turntables still beat digital sound

Turntable Spinning - Why turntables beat digital sound

Why turntables still beat digital sound

This has been a point of debate since CDs first came out (I do remember those days). The proponents of CDs and the early adopters all claimed that CD sound was miles ahead of tapes and LPs in terms of audio quality.

Find out why turntables beat digital sound...

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FREE Gifts With Every "PROJECT" Turntable Purchase This Weekend

Spin Clean Mk2 Free

FREE Gifts With Every "PROJECT" Turntable Purchase This Weekend

Pro-Ject are giving out free gifts for people who purchase their turntables. Purchase a turntable up to £300 and get a FREE Pro-Ject Brush It & Clean-IT kit. Purchase any turntable over £300 and  get a free Spin Clean Washer System MK II...

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Record Store Day 2014

RSD 2014 hifix

Record Store Day 2014

To celebrate Record Store Day, and the first anniversary of our vinyl store, Frank Harvey Hi-Fi will be offering some of the exclusive vinyl releases available as well a number of one-day only promotions. We will also have a very special system set up in store featuring one of the leading British turntable manufacturer’s in the world - Michell Engineering...

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Vinyl Voucher Offer @FrankHarvey

As turntables are getting increasingly popular at the moment, we thought we'd offer something extra to those that visit our Hifix store. Purchase any of the following turntable combinations at Frank Harvey  and receive vouchers to use against any vinyl or vinyl care products in store!

£25 voucher with a B Grade Project Carbon

£25 voucher with a Project Genie MkIII/Ortofon 2m Red

£25 voucher with a Rega RP1

£30 voucher with a Project Carbon

£35 voucher with a Rega RP1 with Performance Pack

£50 voucher with a Project Xpression MkIII

£60 voucher with a Rega RP3/Elys

£100 voucher with a Rega RP6/Exact

£125 voucher with a Michell TecnoDec/Ortofon 2M Blue

£220 voucher with a Rega RP8/Apheta

£225 voucher with a Michell Gyro SE/Tecno A arm/Ortofon 2M Bronze

£525 voucher with a Michell Orbe SE/SME V/Ortofon 2M Black

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The Thaw


Isolation - stories like the Blair Witch Project, Open Water, The Thing etc rely on this as part of the horror. Looking promising.....

More movie discussion over at our video forum

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