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Golden Ticket Lucky Dip PMC promotion


The multi-award winning twenty series is a huge hit with our customers from the PMC twenty 21 speakers to the PMC twenty 26 speakers. They are stylish, elegant, and produce awe inspiring music. Anyone who has bought one so far has been very happy with their purchase...

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PMC's 20th Anniversary!

Anniversaries seem to be popping up here, there, and everywhere at the moment, but it's all good as we're getting new products and benefits like PMC's 20 year warranty! This offer marks PMC's 20th Anniversary, and will be backdated to any purchases made since the 1st January 2011 (as long as they've been registered of course!).


Welcome to the Frank Harvey Hi-Fi Blog.

This info page is run independently to our main sales website, hifix.co.uk, and is used to provide you with a place to visit to find out more about us and be informed of new models, events, special offers, and other hugely interesting 'stuff'.

In the About Us section you'll find details and history as well as photos of Frank Harvey Hi-Fi and our Coventry showroom.

The On Demo will link to our audio forum which will give a full listing of manufacturers and products we have available for demo in our three storey showroom, along with a few photos.

Forums tend to be a place of valuable information for many people, and we felt that our customers, and our customers-to-be could do with a friendly forum where they can ask any questions they need answered, as well as join in day to day discussions about anything and everything. As well as sections for hi-fi and audio/visual, there is a trading section where you can sell your old equipment and post wants, read about upcoming shows and events, new products, as well as discussing movies and music. There's even a section for your very own blog, where you can tell us what you're doing, what your listening to, or just tell everyone about your day if you so wish. So pop over to www.peoplesrepublicofhifi.co.uk and sign up, say hello, and join in!

All the staff are signed up to the forum, the only thing missing, is you

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