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Come and Join Us For Our Open Day On 24th November

Samsung QE65Q900 8K TVCome and Join Us For Our Open Day On 24th November

On Saturday 24th November, Frank Harvey Hi-Fi Excellence will be hosting our exciting annual open day event. Come and join us in store where our team and representatives from brands including Samsung, KEF, Cyrus, Denon, Marantz and Innuos will be showcasing all their latest products and innovations, for a fun-filled and audiophile experience.

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Guide for choosing the right Hi Fi Headphones | HiFix

headphones guide

Guide for choosing the right Hi Fi Headphones | HiFix

When choosing Headphones there are a number of things to consider, for example if you are listening to your Hi Fi System then the first will be closed or open headphones. Both are generally great for home listening but there are enormous differences...

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DM39DAB Review | Should i choose the Dm39?


DM39DAB Review | Should i choose the Dm39?

With the new Denon D-M39DAB Micro Hi-Fi System there's even more Denon in so little space: this Denon D-M39 DAB micro component system has been continually developed to meet the needs of modern day audio fans. Besides its stunning stereo sound performance, this latest and refined model provides a digitally transmitted play function for iPhone / iPod / iPad...

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Denon DM38 DAB+ Mini System

From June, the successor to Denon's well reviewed and stupidly popular DM37 mini system, the DM38, will be available in store.

Denon DM 38

Visually, not much has changed. The main thing is that those who want full iPod control no longer need to buy the ASD11R iPod dock to accompany it - all functions are now available via the USB on the front of the unit. Power is still a decent 30wpc, and incorporates a single mono pre-output for adding a subwoofer. There are two analogue inputs, and a pair of analogue outputs for running to a recording device, or for an offboard headphone pre-amplifier.


PDF Sheet below:


Available from June.

Denon BDP-4010 Bluray Player

Denon's new Universal BDP4010 Bluray player is now on demo in store.

There's more to the Profile 2.0 4010 than the serious looking facia - it isn't just a Bluray player. As well as playing Bluray and DVD discs, it will also play DVD-Audio and SACD discs too, with onboard 7.1 decoding and full bass management powered by Denon's dual 32bit SHARC processors. Anchor Bay's VRS video procing is also present.

Now for the cool bit. As a a world's first, the BDP4010 features an integral web browser and remote access capabilities - alowing it to be controlled via an iPhone or iPod Touch.

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