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Oppo BDP105D - on demo

Oppo's new Darbee equipped Bluray player is now on demo at Frank Harvey Hi-Fi. The BDP105D is their latest flagship Bluray player, incorporating complex technology to improve depth and detail to the image produced.

Frank Harvey Open Day 30/11/2013

This year, our open day will take place on Saturday 30th November between 10am and 5pm. So far, eleven brands will be on demonstration, including Sony's new 4K ultra HD home theatre projector,Yamaha's new CXA5000/MXA5000 AV pre/power, KEF's R Series loudspeakers, Rega's new RP10 turntable, And Cyrus' new all-in-one Lyric systems and their new Class D power amplifier.


It doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago since I was writing up about Onkyo's new THX pre/power and Bluray player on these forums. But with the emergence of 3D and the 'version of HDMI we're not allowed to mention', Onkyo had to update. So out goes the old pre/processor and Bluray player, and in comes the new. The PAMC5500 remains the same. We're not on to 3D audio yet. :D

The BDPS808 Bluray player adds 3D playback over the old 807.

BDPS808 Bluray player adds 3D playback

The 9.2 channel Networking THX Ultra 2 Plus PRSC5508 processor replaces the old 5507, and adds 3D pass through, and a new version of Audyssey's existing DSX, we're told.

The matching PAMC5500 9 channel THX Ultra 2 power amp remains the same, and uses Onkyo's WRAT amplification technology.The 5500 has 220wpc on tap, and should be able to drive pretty much any speaker you care to throw at it.

PAMC5500 9 channel THX Ultra 2 power amp

As mentioned before, the PAMC5500 power amplifier remains the same.

PAMC5500 power amplifier

The above photos are of the current PRSC5507 and BDPS807 - new images will be added when we get them. But let's face it, they'll look the same! More details will be posted when we have them.

Yamaha Bluray Player and 3D Receivers

Yamaha are adding two new receivers to their current line up.


The 7.2 channel RXV667 supports the usual HD audio formats, uses Yamaha's own YPAO room equalisation and Scene feature, with 1080p upscaling. It also uses Yamaha's DSP 3D mode, which with front effect speakers produces a much larger soundstage than normal AV receivers. Six HDMI inputs (useable when in standby) should cover enough sources for most people, and with full 7.2 pre-outputs and 7.1 input, it will also incorporate upgrading by adding a multi channel power amplifier, or adding sources with their own internal decoding.

The RXV667 retails for £449.


The RXV767 adds a second HDMi output in order to run two displays. There is also an audio input assign capability for HDMI and component inputs for added versatility.

The RXV767 retails for £599

The new YDS12 iPod dock can be added to take full advantage of iPods, and the YID-W10 adds wireless transfer of music from an iPod. Audio streaming is possible via the YBA10 wireless audio receiver. All of these can be used with the above AV receivers.


Yamaha are also introducing a new Bluray player, the BDS667. Fully compatible with BD Live and Bonus View, the player will also play Jpeg HD, WMV, MP3, DivX HD, and is fully DNLA Client compliant. The player is a full1080p/24Hz output, and it's HDMI output is full Deep Colour compatible. The player has a front mounted USB port for video/audio playback of external memory devices.

The BDS667 retails for £299


For more new models, check out our forum at Hifix Blog

Denon BDP-4010 Bluray Player

Denon's new Universal BDP4010 Bluray player is now on demo in store.

There's more to the Profile 2.0 4010 than the serious looking facia - it isn't just a Bluray player. As well as playing Bluray and DVD discs, it will also play DVD-Audio and SACD discs too, with onboard 7.1 decoding and full bass management powered by Denon's dual 32bit SHARC processors. Anchor Bay's VRS video procing is also present.

Now for the cool bit. As a a world's first, the BDP4010 features an integral web browser and remote access capabilities - alowing it to be controlled via an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Onkyo BDPS807 THX Bluray Player


Onkyo are about to launch a new, high specification profile 2.0 Bluray player, which is shaping up to be a strong contender in the sub £1,000 price point. Boasting their usual battleship build quality, the player sports a simple, uncluttered facia, but still managing to look pretty serious.

Onkyo have looked at the player as a whole in order to achieve better results. The centre mounted mechanism sits lower than usual to help weight distribution, and components that cause even tiny vibrations have been placed closer to the feet of the player to reduce this.

Even though some manufacturers have chosen to omit onboard decoding, Onkyo has included this, widening it's appeal to those who aren't using HD AV receivers, allowing them to take full advantage of 7.1 HD audio. The HDMI output is full 1.3a specification, capable of Deep Colour, CEC, and x.v.Colour.

Video upscaling is performed by Anchor Bay's ABT1030 "Video reference Series" chip, ensuring high quality upscaling of standard definition DVD discs, which also benefit from 3D Noise Reduction. The 12 bit video DAC features NSV technology ensures any HD video is as pure as possible, and even sports an HDMI "Source Direct Mode" allowing pure, untouched HD video to be sent from the player. One good feature of this player is the ability to use the HDMI and the component video output at the same time.

Independent circuit blocks for audio, digital video, and analogue video ensure improved stability by reducing electromagnetic interference.

All in all this looks a very promising player, and well worth it's asking price given the features and promised performance on offer. It's also going to be a strong addition to their AV receivers, and especially to the pre/power AV package that's it's been designed to be used with. And it's not plastic :)

I've saved the best for last - THX certification! And you still get change from £600......

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