Soundbar Solutions

Soundbar Solutions

Ultimate home theatre systems come at a price. Multiple boxes of electronics. Numerous speaker boxes. Plus all the accompanying cables. And all this has to be arranged perfectly to enjoy the full benefits. The reality is a TV in a corner, and the need to avoid letting the living room looking like an electronics store. A soundbar can offer a neat solution to achieve domestic equilibrium. It will also improve on your TV's tinny sound.


The very basic way to improve TV sound quality is the compact Bose Solo 5 soundbar. All that is required is an optical connection from your TV to the Solo 5 and you're done. This tiny box is surprisingly capable and includes tone control.

bose soundbar


The next step up is a larger and more capable soundbar. The Bose Soundtouch 300 soundbar is a larger version of the Solo 5, capable of filling larger rooms. It will also offer better sound quality. Bluetooth allows music streaming phone and tablet users. Internet radio and streaming music stored on your home network come courtesy of WiFi.

The Soundtouch 300 also adds the flexibility of an HDMI input too. ADAPTiQ technology ensures you get the very best out of the Soundtouch 300, regardless of where you put it.

It's also...

bose soundbar


Want greater bass depth and scale? Just add the Acoustimass 300 wireless subwoofer for those big blockbuster movies. Want more atmosphere and a larger soundfield? Just add the Virtually Invisible 300 Wireless surround speakers and really open up your home theatre.

bose hi fi system


For greater flexibility, Yamaha offers the YSP2700 offers multiple HDMI inputs. This reduces cable clutter between the soundbar and the TV to one for a much neater installation.

The Yamaha YSP2700 comes with a subwoofer but doesn't utilise surround speakers. It does have a trick up its sleeve though. It is, in fact, a "digital sound projector". This allows the Yamaha to direct the rear effects in any direction you like to bounce off the walls. This makes the rear effects seems as though they're coming from behind you. As long as you don't live in a field, happy days.

bose system

So there's no excuse for bad sound from your TV. There's plenty of solutions out there to meet any needs. So book a demo and see what a soundbar can offer you


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