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Block Out the Hustle and Bustle of Everyday Life with the QC35 II’s Noise Cancellation Technology

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Modern life is loud. Its busy, it’s hectic, and often times you just want to block it all out. Whether you’re on the train on the way back from work, making your way through the city on foot during the evening rush hour, or simply waiting for the bus, it can all get a bit too much sometimes. But now, with the new Quiet Comfort 35 Mk II headphones from Bose®, it’s easier than ever to do away with all that stress.

The noise cancellation technology integrated into these headphones is nothing short of world-class. With three levels of noise cancellation available to you, this technology will allow the world to melt away, meaning you can focus all your attention simply on your music, with no distractions to interrupt you. Simply press the Action button on the side of the QC35 Mk II’s and Acoustic Noise Cancellation technology will continuously measure, compare and react to any outside noise, emitting a counteracting signal to cancel out any noise. On top of this (as if that wasn’t impressive enough!), these headphones will not only allow you to cancel out the noise, but they will offer the ability to choose the amount of noise cancellation you receive. This function will allow you to either block out the noise altogether, or turn the cancellation down a notch in order to reduce most of the noise without missing train or plane announcements.

Noise CancellationThe noise cancellation technology within these headphones is without-a-doubt some of the best on the market today, but some may have doubts as to how the counteracting signal may affect the quality of your listening experience, but not to worry. Fullness and clarity in all of your music has been at the forefront of Bose®’s mind during the construction of the QC 35 Mk IIs, no how loud or how quiet you play it. This is all thanks to the intuitive drivers within the headphones, featuring volume-optimised EQ in order to produce a performance that is as close to perfect as can be achieved, offering an outstanding listening experience and far outdoing their predecessor.  

Designed for Comfort During Extensive Listening Periods

Quiet Comfort 35 Listening to your music anywhere and everywhere has been made that much more comfortable and even more reliable thanks to the QC35 2’s ergonomic design and long-life battery. Impact resistant materials have been used throughout the entire headset during the construction of these headphones, utilising glass-filled nylon and corrosion resistant stainless steel, these headphones will withstand any environment you can throw them at.

As the name suggests, comfort has not been overlooked. Where Bose® have made every effort to ensure these headphones remain sturdy and robust, care and close attention has been given to make sure the Quiet Comfort 35 Mk II’s are always comfortable, especially for those who wish to listen for an extended period of time. The headband has been wrapped in Alcantara®, which is a soft material often found in yachts and luxury automobiles, and the ear cup use synthetic protein leather to offer fatigue-free listening.

20 hour battery life

The battery within these intuitive headphones will provide the listener with up to 20 hours of comfortable listening before a recharge is needed, covering an entire plane journey. Once the battery is depleted, a quick 15 minute charge will enable a further 2 and a half hours of listening time, or simply connect the wire provided to listen via a wired connection.  

google assistantThe new addition of built-in Google Assistant will allow you to perform everyday tasks using only your voice. Play and pause your music, skip and select tracks, receive and respond to texts, receive and make calls, manage daily tasks such as calendar events and even get answers, simply by pressing the Action button and starting a “conversation” with your Google Assistant. The world-class noise cancellation technology included with these headphones will allow you to receive clear and precise answers from the Google Assistant AI.

Google Assistant is one of the most helpful new technologies available today, offering a wide range of assistance options, including directing you home, making reservations whilst on the move, setting reminders through your calendar to make sure you never miss an important date, it can even warn you of any adverse weather conditions so that you never get caught in the rain unprepared.  

Control Your Headset with Your Handset

  Control Bose

In order to get the most out of your headphones, Bose has developed a free control app. This app – which is available for free from the Apple AppStore and GooglePlay store for Android devices – will allow you to easily connect and switch between devices. The app will even allow you to remotely control the level of noise cancellation, removing the need to fiddle with any buttons on the headphones. To ensure your listening experience is always at its best, Bose strive to continuously update the app, making sure that all of the latest features, integration improvements and product updates are taken care of.  

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Words by Evan Boulton