Ruark Audio R5 Music System + MRx Wireless Speaker Bundle Offer

Ruark Audio R5 Music System + MRx Wireless Speaker Offer

Ruark Audio R5 Music System + MRx Wireless Speaker Cool Grey

With the Ruark Audio R5 Music System and MRx Wireless Speaker bundle, experience high-quality multi-room audio, with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, or enjoy your CD or vinyl collection with the R5's CD player and in-built phono stage. 

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Ruark Audio R5 Music System

Ruark Audio R5 music system

In spite of its many connections and features, the Ruark Audio R5’s primary concern is sound. With absolute synergy between the amplifier, speakers and cabinet, Ruark uses its audio heritage to produce a unit with great performance. The stereo speakers are engineered with a powerful neodymium magnet and lightweight cone. The R5 has an in-built subwoofer in the base of the unit with a 125mm long throw driver for increased bass response. A high capacity linear power supply feeds a Class A-B amplifier to precisely control the loudspeakers, producing a high-end hi-fi audio quality.

Ruark Audio R5 Cool Grey

The Ruark R5 truly stands out when it comes to connectivity. A front panel slot-loading CD player with a high spec design enables playback of standard CDs and self-made CDs. With Bluetooth wireless connectivity and aptX codec, you can stream up to 24-bit resolution files directly from your smartphone or tablet. The R5 has Spotify Connect, giving you access to over 20 million songs and titles, as well as supports music streaming services such as Amazon Music, TIDAL and Deezer, giving you countless choice of music.

ruark Audio R5 Inputs and Outputs

Even more options for listening are available with the R5, as with both FM and DAB, there are plenty of stations to tune in to. With three RCA line inputs at the rear of the R5, including a MM phono stage to directly connect your turntable, so you can easily play your vinyl collection. An optical digital input means you can connect your TV into the Ruark Audio R5 to vastly improve your TV’s sound. Enjoy your favourite shows and movies even more with immersive audio.

The Ruark Audio R5 is capable of room-filling sound, but can also be added into a multi-room home system. Linking wirelessly with other Ruark Audio models such as the MRx, R2 Mk3 and R7 Mk3, the R5 can play synced audio all through the house, creating the perfect atmosphere, whether you want to host an amazing party, or simply relax.

Ruark Audio MRx Wireless Speaker Cool Grey

Ruark Audio MRx Wireless Speaker

The MRx is the Ruark Audio’s new Connected Wireless Speaker that boasts a plethora of new and impressive abilities, making it the perfect system for your home. You can even link this speaker to another MRx, R2 MK3, or R7 MK3 model in order to create a wireless multi-room music system, allowing you to enjoy your perfectly synchronised music throughout every room in the house.

The Ruark Audio MRx - the latest in their line of wireless speakers - has been specifically built with streaming in mind. This means that this intuitive speaker can offer you an outstanding array of options, including Bluetooth for direct streaming from enabled devices. The MRx’s Bluetooth audio receiver comes with aptX, a technology which will ensure all of your music is reproduced in CD quality sound.

Ruark Audio MRx Wireless Speaker Walnut

Broadband internet connection allows this speaker to access Internet Radio, where you can find hundreds of radio stations. Broadband internet will also make available a wide array of online music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and Tidal (Amazon Music will soon be making an appearance, too). To top it all off, you can even stream all of your music from any networked computers and mobile phones.

When designing the Ruark MRx Speaker, the team at Ruark developed new speaker units that have been based on the driver technology one can find within the Ruark MR1 Mk2. A new cone and coil assembly can also be found within the speaker, coupled with a powerful neodymium magnet system that works to provide a full-range driver with a performance that is unparalleled. The drivers inside the MRx are mounted into tuned bass reflex enclosures as a stereo pair, and are powered by a high-fidelity two-channel class A-B amplifier.


Top features:

  • Ruark Audio R5 High Fidelity Music System with two 75mm full range drivers and 125mm long throw subwoofer
  • Linear Class A-B amplification with 90 watts output
  • Slot-loading CD player with support for various audio formats
  • Bluetooth connectivity with aptX, Spotify Connect, Amazon Music and TIDAL streaming services
  • MM Phono stage for turntable connection
  • FM/DAB radio and internet radio for worldwide radio station listening
  • Optical input for TV, to work as a great TV sound system
  • Multi-room connectivity with other Ruark models for whole-house music playback
  • OLED display with high contrast and visibility
  • Broadband internet connection for Internet Radio and online music streaming services (Spotify, Tidal, Deezer)
  • Bluetooth aptX for CD quality streaming

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