Record Store Day 2019 Reps and Demos at Hifix

Monitor Audio

Representatives from Monitor Audio and Roksan will be demonstrating the remarkable Roksan Radius 7 Turntable and Roksan Caspian M2 Amplifier together with the Monitor Audio Gold 100 Speakers, experience the incredible detail of what can be achieved in the vinyl domain.

roksan radius pink

The Roksan Radius Pink differs from the standard Radius 7 principally due to the pink tint in the glass-effect plinth. However, it’s not just the turntable which has changed – The Pink also employs a special finish to the Nima tonearm, where the arm tube has its own subtle pink shading.

Record Store Day 2019

Join us on Record Store Day on the 13th of April and enjoy this amazing demonstration along with other demonstrations enjoying discounts throughout the day. You can check out the full line up of RSD 2019 here.

The Roksan Radius 7 Turntable boasts a stunning glass-look design and offers an astonishing reproduction of all your vinyl records. A red and blue LED light will indicate 33 RPM and 45 RPM platter speeds to make your listening experience even more convenient.

Monitor Audio's 5th generation Gold Series

Monitor Audio Gold 100The Monitor Audio Gold 100 Bookshelf speakers are the only stand mount speakers in Monitor Audio's 5th generation Gold Series.

Featuring a combination of a powerful 6.5 inch RDT II bass/midrange driver and an MDP tweeter, to deliver incredible lows and outstanding highs, the Gold 100 Bookshelf speakers ensure a compelling hi-fi or home cinema listening experience.

The Roksan Caspian M2 Integrated Amplifier advances the performance of this class of amplifier to a new level. The ease with which the Roksan Caspian M2 Integrated Amplifier negotiates the loudspeaker load through even the most delicate yet demanding musical passages is almost unbelievable from such an elegant pure looking amplifier.

Rega RSD 2019 turntableRega

The incorrigible Paul Darwin from Rega will be on hand to advise on record decks and how to obtain improve the sound quality from your existing turntable and the various upgrade paths for an enjoyable musical experience

Key Features:

  • Based on the award winning Rega Planar 1 Plus turntable
  • Built-in high-quality phono stage (pre-amplifier)
  • Premium tinted dustcover
  • Custom RSD printed mat
  • RSD lid badge
  • White gloss finish plinth
  • Gloss black RSD silk screen on plinth
  • Retail price £299
  • 500 units only / limited edition.
To celebrate Record store day 2019 Rega are releasing this special edition turntable with special RSD artwork. Only available in the UK and limited to 500 units, this turntable is a custom-made version of our Planar 1 Plus turntable with built in phono stage pre-amplifier.

The Chord Company

Chord’s area sales manager Patrick Mitchell will be giving hands on advice about Chord cables. It’s very important to use a quality set of cables and Chord offers just that. Those with a top-of-the-range hi-fi system will experience the most noticeable changes in sound quality by upgrading their hi-fi cables. The best cables are designed to eliminate any interference or ground noise travelling along it, creating a purer, higher quality sound.


Nick Price will be joining us from KEF with the award winning LSX wireless music system speakers which come in 5 beautifully crafted designs.

The LSX Wireless speakers have Spotify Connect and Tidal built-in, so you have instant access to all your favourite songs. With the LSXs, you can stream from the cloud or directly from a wireless network at 24-bit/ 48 kHz resolution, or simply connect via a Bluetooth wireless connection. From early 2019, you can stream directly from your iOS device with Apple AirPlay 2, built-in to the LSXs. Wirelessly stream all your music with just the press of a button, and hear what you want through your whole home system, all controlled seamlessly with your iPhone or iPad.

Along side the LSX speakers there will be the Kef R Series flagship speakers which offer deep impactful bass and natural refined delivery of sound.

Henley Audio

Kieran Pickaver will be representing Henley displaying their Musical Fidelity M2 Amplifier coupled with the Project Phono Box S2 and one of their top of the line Debut Carbon Turntables. The combination of Henley products will get the most out of your speakers and give you that extra kick from your system.


Ruarkruark r5

Jason Onions will be joining us from Ruark with their range of award-winning products, including the Ruark R7 which is a modern work of art. The R7 Mk3 is the realisation of a dream to remaster the radiograms of yesteryear bringing this iconic ideology completely up to date.

Ruark recently announced the Ruark R5 which embodies the knowledge of the past with visions of the future and Ruark says it'll be the perfect all in one HiFi system for music lovers and enthusiasts alike. It's been designed from the previous model, the R7. Not only does R5 feature technology from the R7 but it is scaled down to create a flagship model for all to enjoy. It looks great and we are confident it will also sound amazing. Join us on RSD 2019 to experience the amazing sound of the Ruark R5.

Record Store Day 2019 at Frank Harvey HiFix

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