The Importance Of Record Cleaning


Record Cleaning

record cleaning Record cleaning is a very important part of owning a record collection. Record cleaning will improve your enjoyment of your whole collection and help preserve them. There are various record cleaners on the market, but by far the best are the electronic vacuum type.

Over time, dust and dirt will find its way into the grooves of your records. Regular cleaning will keep them in pristine condition, and help to lengthen the life of your collection. There are many types of cleaners on the market. The best of those are the electronic vacuum type that can transform an old record that you thought was a lost cause into something looking and sounding almost new. There are a few excellent cleaners available from the likes of Project, Okki Nokki, and Clearaudio.

These are designed to thoroughly clean records and remove as much dirt and grime as possible. Record cleaners like these will remove dirt that is not possible with normal manual cleaning. Proper cleaners will also remove grease and acids from the record left by fingers.  Along with a good stylus cleaner, this will also lengthen the life of your stylus. A record can be cleaned as often as you wish without damage. The more you use the cleaner, the better value for money it represents. And the better your records, and system, will sound. Properly maintained, a record will last a lifetime. It is also worth noting that keeping the stylus clean can be important too. This is, after all, a physical contact point with the record. Brushes are available from Project and Clearaudio, and also an electronic cleaner from Flux that vibrate at high frequency to remove stubborn dirt.