How to Choose the Perfect Headphones

Sennheiser HD 201 Closed Headphones

How to choose the perfect Headphones

There are only 3 factors that really matter when choosing a pair of headphones: the quality of the sound they reproduce, how comfortable they are to wear, and their cost.


Over-the-ear headphones are large and heavy, and can be uncomfortable or inconvenient on the move. They do generally produce the best sound quality, depending on the brand and model, though. They tend to be the most expensive, and are really only suitable for listening at home.

On-ear- headphones are over-the-ear’s smaller cousins. These generally provide the best sound quality for truly portable listening. They are still a little bulky, though. For high quality sound on the go, these are the best choice. Earbuds are at the low and of the sound quality scale, but are extremely portable and often very comfortable. Whilst these may be a good choice if you only listen to audio books, they are not really good for music. Many people keep a set around as a back-up pair. 

Musical Fidelity EB50 In Ear Headphones Earphones

In-ear headphones are a step up from earbuds in terms of sound quality, but retain most of the portability and comfort. These are still more suited to casual listeners, but ones who actually want to be able to hear their music.

While these are all the types of headphones you can buy, you can also get headphones with different features like bluetooth or wireless, and even noise cancelling headphones that will block out the noise from around you and help on public transport. You can view our full range of headphones here.

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