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openback vs closed

Hi Fi Headphones Open or Closed

When choosing Headphones there are a number of things to consider, for example if you are listening to your Hi Fi System then the first will be closed or open headphones. Both are generally great for home listening but there are enormous differences. Closed back headphones do not allow sound to escape from the headphone so if your wish is to enjoy music without wanting other people to be disturbed then this type of headphone is recommended. Also if you are listening in a noisy environment they are also better in reducing back ground noise.

Similarly, if you intend to use your headphones on a train, bus, or plane, closed-backed headphones will reduce the sound escaping. Generally, open-backed phones sound better than closed-back ones, because open-backs allow sound to move more freely and with less distortion inside and can reproduce a fuller range of frequencies than closed back headphones because it allows the drivers to breath. Open-backed phones have vents in the back of the case (facing away from your ear) to let air move in and out Sound quality and comfort is an essential consideration for long periods of listening to your music so ensure you choose comfortable and soft ear cushions . HiFix would generally recommend open headphones for home use and closed headphones when travelling.

bluetooth vs wireless headphones

Bluetooth and Wireless Headphones

Bluetooth and wireless headphones are gaining in popularity and are brilliantly convenient with no wires and no plugging in. Hifix stock brands such as Bose and Sennheiser are highly recommended and so easy to switch between music and calls from your mobile, you can leave your phone in your pocket and use the touch controls on the headphone to switch between calls and music. Remember if you're less than impressed with the earphones that were bundled with new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or portable music player as most people are, fear not - there are plenty of great alternatives that ensure you won't be suffering in silence.
noise cancelling headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Don’t get confused between Noise Cancelling and Noise Isolating headphones, most headphones will isolate external noise to some degree or other but only Noise Cancelling Headphones are the most effective, they have become even more hi-tech in recent years. Some high-end headphones are able to produce an inverted version of the background noise, surrounding it completely and eliminating any aural distractions at all. This can be a godsend on busy public transport or in a noisy working environment. Noise cancelling headphones have built in microphones that listen to the external sound and then internal circuit’s process and create inverse waves which get fed back into the headphones. These inverse waves cancel out the external ambient sound. 
noise isolating headphones

Noise Isolating Headphone

Many in-ear and on-ear headphones isolate you from ambient noise. Some are better than others. The idea here is a physical barrier between your ear and the offending sounds and this depends on the seal between your ear and the ear cushion. With over-ear headphones, the noise isolation usually isn't a lot, but enough to muffle the surrounding sound somewhat.

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