Fantastic Gift Ideas for Your Dad on Father's Day 2019

Father's day is on the approach and what better way to show Dad how much he means to you than with a gift he can enjoy for years to come. Shopping for Dad can often prove to be easier said than done. Does your Dad love Hi Fi? Not got all the money in the world to spend? We're here to help with some fantastic gift suggestions that will make Dad proud, and not only that, but save you money along the way. When people think Hi-Fi equipment, they usually think expense, but we're here to show you that this isn't always the case. Here we will show you how to produce an absolutely fantastic listening experience, all for under £500!

Shopping Under £500

If you're on a bigger budget of £500 you're going to want to check out our latest deals page. This page has offers and deals running throughout our website, from Turntables, to TV's, and lots more for your Dad to enjoy. Here are a few of our picks and best deals for under £500 on our latest deals page.

1. Rega Planar 1 Turntable £249

Rega Planar 1 Turntable

The Rega Planar 1 Turntable is their most 'Plug and Play' turntable to date, simply slide the balance weight onto the rear of the tonearm as far as it will go, remove the stylus guard and you're good to go. The Rega Planar 1 Turntable comes with a factory fitted Rega Carbon cartridge which is a high-quality moving magnet pick-up cartridge designed to be simple to set up, easy to install, and above all accurately reproduce music.

Not only is this a fantastic Turntable, it's also one of Rega's top selling turntables which has won numerous awards with What Hi Fi. It's so easy to operate even your Dad won't have any problems setting it up! It's a great entry level Turntable, but will require an amp and speakers to operate. You can also check out our Rega Planar 1 bundle deals. For £329 you can also look at the Rega Planar 1 plus Turntable which offers an upgraded Turntable Tone Arm and a built in phono stage.

2. Bose® SoundTouch® 30 Series III Wireless Music System £399.95


As a music enthusiast, you're streaming new songs and favourite artists all the time. And the Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III Wireless Music System lets you hear them like never before. This Bose® Wireless Speaker allows you to play music throughout the home, wirelessly. You can stream it across Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without the need of any complicated equipment. The system is compatible with the free SoundTouch app-this app controls music sources and presets the system.

It also gives you a new option-Unique to SoundTouch with which you can set your favourite music to six presets and the system at home will remember it. For example, you can set the latest Deezer station to one preset, your favourite Spotify playlist to a second and the tracks saved on your tablet to the third. After this, it will start playing the desired music simply by pressing a preset on the speaker.

3. Dali Oberon 3 Bookshelf Speakers £499

DALI Oberon 3 Bookshelf Speakers offer a big sound from compact speakers, with a 7 inch wood fibre midrange/bass driver with SMC technology incorporated, and a 29mm ultra-lightweight tweeter to produce detailed and crisp mids combined with a stylish modern look.

These Bookshelf Speakers sound fantastic and if you're on a budget of £500 they'll fit into almost any Hi Fi set up. The sound will blow you away, if you're interested in buying any of these products but want to know how they sound why not come into store and have a demo, maybe even bring your Dad with you and see if he likes it in advance!

Shopping Under £250

On a medium range budget of around £250 you can still pick up some pretty decent Hi Fi. Since it is Summer and the nice hot weather is here, we would recommend you pick up something from the portable audio section of our website.

1. Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker

Slightly bigger than its sister, the Bose® SoundLink Revolve+ is the perfect speaker for barbeques, pool parties and picnics, thanks to its durability, 360 degree sound dispersion, impressive battery life and fabric carry handle. This speaker will deliver hours of entertainment when producing a sound profile that is crystal clear no matter where you position it. An integrated speakerphone will allow for calls and texts as well as Siri and GoogleNow™ voice commands. . . Bose SoundLink Revolve Charging Cradle sold separately.


The sound link revolve plus is a great bluetooth speaker for only £248! That's not only a bargain but will make your Dad very happy on Father's day! it makes for great pool parties, picnics, and other summer and outdoor activities, not only can it be used outdoors but is great indoors too!



Pioneer XWNAC3 iPod Speaker System (Open Box) White £159

The Pioneer XW-NAC3 iPod speaker system is ideal for multi-iPod households, or party-throwing socialites, as it features two iPod docks with shuffle and cross fade functionality. The Pioneer XW-NAC3 features two iPod docks. This means that the XW-NAC3 two different iPods can be connected, charged and controlled simultaneously. It even features cross fade dual shuffle functionality which allows tracks to not only alternate between the iPods but smoothly fade and mix over, similar to a DJ's performance.

The Pioneer iPod speaker system is great for your older styled iPod speakers, not only can it be hooked up to iPods, but mobile phones too. At a price of £159 you're not only getting a great deal, but getting a great sounding pioneer system that would make your Dad very happy.

There's plenty more we offer for under £250, you can check all the best deals we have on Portal Audio here.

Shopping Under £50

If you're on a more of a tighter budget of anything under £50 why not make your Dad proud and buy him that one special Vinyl Record he's always wanted! We offer thousands of vinyl instore, and hundreds online to purchase. We have a Vinyl Record PDF with all of our vinyl records that we offer, if you can't find it online look on the PDF and drop us a call and we can arrange shipment of the vinyl you are interested in. If you purchase any of our Rega Turntables you will get free Vinyl along side your order, who dosen't like free stuff?!

So that's our recommendations for Father's Day 2019, treat your Dad today and shop at hifix.

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