Do speaker stands improve the sound quality of bookshelf speakers?


Do speaker stands improve the sound quality of bookshelf speakers?

This is an important question, actually. Many of us either prefer or have little choice but to accept the smaller size and reduced cost of smaller, easier to mount ‘bookshelf speakers’ rather than the full size monsters with woofers the size of dinner plates that we all wanted as kids.

There are two good reasons you may want to get stands for your bookshelf speakers: First, though it is a hotly debated issue (what isn't, among music geeks?), it seems that mounting a bookshelf speaker on a stand will improve the quality of the bass you get out of it. Those little guys need all the help they can get in the base department, unless you've got a subwoofer hiding somewhere. Second, and perhaps more important, it will make your treble sound better.

Really! Think about it, in those old tower speakers, where was the tweeter? Around 4 feet off the floor, right in line with your ears as you sit down. Bookshelf speakers were originally meant to be put on a bookshelf. High up on one, in line with your ears when sitting or standing. Treble is much more ‘directional’ than bass, and you can actually tell where the tweeters are pointing. Stands get them back up in the air where they belong.

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