Cyrus One Amplifier - An Icon Returns

Cyrus One Amplifier - An Icon Returns

cyrus one amplifierMany iconic British amplifiers decorated hi-fi enthusiast's shelf space during the 80s. The "shoebox" Cyrus One is a perfect example. How does it compare to the original? Does it have what it takes to stand out from the crowd?

The reboot now incorporates Bluetooth and more modern Class D amplifier technologies. As well as running much cooler than the original due to greater efficiency, Class D remains more neutral across the frequency range. The Cyrus One is Cyrus' third generation of Class D amplification which originally started with the Stereo 200 power amplifier and the Lyric all-in-one system. The Cyrus One looks visually neater and cleaner than the original Mission Cyrus One.

Main Features

Despite a passing of 32 years, which should have seen the demise of the long playing record, the new model retains an integral MM phono stage. A Rega RP6 or Clearaudio Concept turntable would be an ideal partner for this quality of amplifier.

The addition of aptX Bluetooth allows music streaming from tablets and phones.

The AV bypass input allows the amplifier to be easily utilised in home theatre systems. This can be selected by the remote control. Another three analogue inputs allow connection from other sources.

The headphone socket of the Cyrus One completely disconnects the power amplifier stage when headphones are connected. This allows the Cyrus One to act as a dedicated high quality headphone amplifier capable of driving even the most demanding headphones.

linear power supply keeps noise to an absolute minimum. Multiple power supplies feed various different circuits of the amplifier. Cyrus' Speaker Impedance Detection detects the accompanying loudspeaker's impedance upon switch on, and adjusts its output accordingly to get the very best from them.

Sound Quality

The new Cyrus One retains the clean, detailed presentation of the original amplifier. Power output is way up, being more than enough to keep speakers like KEF's demanding LS50 in check. It doesn't sound out of place driving PMC's TwentyFive.23 loudspeakers either, showing just how capable it is with far more expensive and revealing loudspeakers.

So feel free to call up and book a demonstration. Bring your CDs or vinyl, or even just your phone and see what this amplifier has to offer. You won't be disappointed. Details here


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