Best Streaming Services 2015

Main-sonos2 With the new Apple music upgrade release for iPad and iPhones a lot of us are excited to enter the streaming industry. While you may not have used streaming services before apple wants to bring you the best and easiest to use streaming service available. Streaming services have been around for years and time to time run into issues such as "grooveshark" which ran into copyright issues with people uploading copyrighted music causing it to run into lots of copyright issues and eventually get closed down. with that said Apple is big in the industry with lots of money for licenses and the eligibility to use well known artists music on their streaming service making them a contender to some of the top streaming services. Let's get straight into some of the best streaming services available (in no order):

Spotify_NewLogo#1 Spotify  - The ease of use and content is easily accessible, Spotify is a very popular streaming service in this day and age and is well known, while it started off free to sign up for an account you now have to pay a set fee to use their streaming services, this is to cover for licenses to use the music no doubt. The problem with Spotify is that there are no options for "lossless audio" meaning it gives other streaming services a little edge, but Spotify is, in our opinion, by far the most well known and easy to use streaming service available making it a very good contender for any other streaming services out there.


#2 Tidal - While Tidal started off very impressive it misses a few small features that other streaming services have, but even though that is so it's not a big issue. With different subscription depending on high or low quality versions of music you have a lot of choices to make, the music is CD quality for high end audio but will cost you £20 a month, but we think that is a fair price for such a good quality streaming service. While not majorly well known Tidal sure is a good contender in a forever growing market.

#3 Deezer - deezer Deezer is an excellent streaming service, especially if you have a Sonos hi fi system. While for standard listening on any device is good with a huge library, with Sonus you can get high quality playback and lossless audio for only £15 a month which puts you in a great place for a cheaper streaming service. Read a more in-depth review on whathifi here. If you have any streaming services we would recommend the Sonos play music system which will play your streaming music in high quality around the house, you can check our full range of Sonos play Hi Fi here.  

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