10 Tips to Improve Sound Quality

10 Tips to Improve Sound Quality

Do you want to improve the sound quality of your Hi Fi system? We have 10 tips that will improve your systems sound quality performance...

Speakers match

1 - Match your speakers

Making sure all of your speakers ore of the same brand an designed to e used together can do wonders for your sound quality.

2 - Get a better sub-woofer

Low-quality, high-power subs can give a muddy, unclear sound.


3 - Get a better centre-channel speaker

This speaker handles nine tenths of the dialogue and vocals you hear. Make sure it is up to the task.

4 - Get a better amplifier/tuner

An underpowered amp or one with poor sound processing will sound terrible no matter what speakers you have.

5 - Rearrange your speakers

Don’t hide your speakers, or tuck the away in corners! Look for online guides about how to place them, and you’ll notice a huge difference.

6 - Install an isolated electrical line to your home cinema

A great deal of electronic noise can come in over the electrical line, especially for high-end analogue amplifiers. An isolated line will reduce this dramatically.

speaker wire

7 - Upgrade your cables and speaker wire

A high-end system could be held back by thin, single-conductor speaker wire and analogue audio cables. Upgrade!

8 - Change the acoustics

Hard walls and surfaces reflect sound. A few soft furnishings or the right wall covering can clean uo these reflections substantially.

9 - If you listen to online music services or .mp3s, upgrade your digital-to-analogue converter.

Running digital media off your laptop or through an iPod dock will never give you the same quality as a Cd or LP, but a high-end D/A converter can make up a lot of the difference.

10 - Upgrade your media

Look for recently remastered classic albums and Blu-rays instead of DVDs. If you have a good system, you will notice the difference.

And that's it, that's our top 10 tips to improve your sound quality, let us know if you want to see a more blog posts like this, possible in more depth. We love to help you out where we can, feel free to drop us a call or if you'd like to book a demonstration to listen before you buy email Kevin@FrankHarvey.co.uk.

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