-Audiolab 8200CDQ CD Player Black (Open Box)

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The Audiolab 8200CDQ CD Player adds full preamp functionality whilst maintaining the same chassis size as the 8200CD
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-Audiolab 8200CDQ CD Player Black (Open Box)

While most CD players are designed purely for CD playback, the Audiolab 8200CDQ CD player has been created with flexibility firmly in mind. The 8200CDQ's architecture is perhaps best described as a 'DAC + CD', rather than as a CD player in the traditional sense. The DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) is the cornerstone of their design, which is why Audiolab has chosen the Sabre 32-bit audio DAC from ESS Technology to carry out D-to-A conversion.

This DAC solution is rarely used in CD players because it is much more expensive than other audio DACs, and players that incorporate it usually cost many thousands of pounds. However, Audiolab believes that this is the best sounding DAC currently available, so rather than reverting to the cheaper modules found in most CD players, the ESS Sabre is embedded at the heart of the Audiolab 8200CQD.

The provision of digital inputs - optical, coaxial and USB - means the Audiolab 8200 CD Q can be used to deliver top-quality sound from all kinds of digital sources, including audio files from computers and other media devices. Thus, all music benefits from the superb sound quality produced by the players' DAC and discrete Class A output stages.

While most USB connections only support data up to 16-bit/48kHz, the 8200CDQ accepts data right up to 24-bit/96kHz via USB, with bit depth and sampling frequency shown in real time on the player's LCD display. In addition, the USB link is asynchronous - this means data is regulated by the master clock in the player, rather than by the computer at the source, thus helping to minimise jitter (digital distortion).

The user can control the media player on his/her PC or Mac via the Audiolab remote, with the control signal transferred back to the computer via the USB port. This facility is 'driverless' (in other words, it is built into the operating system) and is compatible with all media players - Apple iTunes, Windows Media Player etc.

The Audiolab 8200CDQ CD player enjoys extremely low levels of jitter thanks to the DAC's unique coupling with Audiolab's proprietary, discrete master clock, to the benefit of all forms of digital audio. Once converted to analogue, music signals are passed through a balanced, discrete, Class A FET output stage and on to the user's amplifier via either single-ended RCA or fully balanced XLR outputs. Four-layer PCB (Printed Circuit Board) construction and 34 regulated power supplies help to maintain optimal signal quality throughout.

In addition to the above, the 8200CDQ adds full preamp functionality whilst maintaining the same chassis size as the 8200CD. The existing digital inputs are joined by three line-level analogue inputs, providing source selection and volume control in the analogue domain. The preamplifier section is fully balanced and all analogue input signals are converted to balanced form, helping to reduce distortion and noise. Class A gain structures are present throughout, and users may choose between preamplification in the analogue or digital domain in respect of the digital inputs. In addition, the 8200CDQ adds a direct-coupled, discrete, Class A headphone amplifier, accessible via a socket on the front panel.

  • 32-bit/84.672MHz oversampled/up sampled, 512 element, multibit array DAC (four DACs per channel)
  • 1920x oversampling with 44.1 kHz source from CD/USB
  • Asychronous USB supporting 24-bit/96kHz with driverless remote control of PC/Mac media player (via HID support)
  • 2 x 24-bit/192kHz coaxial S/PDIF digital inputs
  • 2 x 96 kHz optical digital inputs
  • 3x 2Vrms analogue line-level inputs
  • Low jitter optical and coaxial S/PDIF outputs
  • Selectable analogue or digital preamplifier mode
  • High-current, single-ended and balanced, discreet Class A output stage
  • High-performance, direct-coupled, discrete Class A headphone amplifier
  • Custom CD servo design - with ultra-low-noise PSU for OPU
  • Full remote control and external remote I/O loop
  • 34 regulated power supply rails
  • 14 ultra-low-noise discrete regulators
  • User-selectable digital filter settings - software upgradeable via USB port
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