-Onkyo ABXN300 iPod Docking Station

The Onkyo ABX-N300 is just another stylish iPod/iPhone audio system, right? Wrong. It's so much more than that
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-Onkyo ABXN300 iPod Docking Station

The Onkyo ABX-N300 is just another stylish iPod/iPhone audio system, right? Wrong. It's so much more than that. Sure, the sleek, sliding= aluminium top-panel conceals a dock f or iPod/iPhone. But beneath that, you'll find advanced wireless audio functionality supported by impeccable Onkyo audio engineering. The system's Wi-Fi capability lets you play internet radio or stream audio from a PC or media server on your home network. The Onkyo ABX N300 iPod docking station is also compatible with AirPlay. Whatever you're listening to on y our iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad can be sent to the Onkyo ABX-N300 wirelessly and given a serious boost in power and fidelity. You can even incorporate iTunes from your Mac or Windows PC and control playback using a remote app on your hand-held Apple device. Say goodbye to cables. Wireless audio is here to stay.

As well as letting you get more out of your iPod or iPhone, the Onkyo ABX-N300 adds a note of understated style to your listening space. Sliding the brushed aluminium top cover to the left reveals a dock for iPod/iPhone and an easy-to-read graphical LCD that displays song information when streaming via Ethernet. The sleek, elegant theme is maintained by touch-sensor buttons that give you seamless control of your music sources. The system is mounted on a solid brushed aluminium foot-base that matches the top cover. Meanwhile, three-mode underside illumination brings a subtle ambient glow to your bedroom or other space.

At quiet volume levels, human hearing becomes less sensitive to sounds at the upper and lower ends of the audible spectrum. To compensate for the perceived loss of bass sounds at lower volumes, the Onkyo ABXN300 incorporates Onkyo's proprietary Active Bass Control. This function maintains an optimal balance of low-frequency sounds by making automatic, real-time adjustments in line with the playback volume. Listeners are able to enjoy smooth and natural-sounding bass at any volume level.

Onkyo has decades of experience in crafting high-quality speakers for all segments of the audio market. The Onkyo ABX-N300's two full-range, bass-reflex speakers incorporate 6 cm cones and are housed in independent cabinets to minimize interference. You get to enjoy a richly musical performance that belies the system's modest dimensions.

  • iPod/iPhone Audio Connection and Power Recharging
  • Network Capability via Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Internet Radio Connectivity through vTuner
  • Works with AirPlay for iPod touch/iPhone/iPad
  • Tone Control (Treble/Bass/Super Bass)
  • 3.5 mm Analogue Audio Input
  • Sliding Brushed Aluminium Dock Cover
  • Solid Brushed Aluminium Foot-Base
  • Touch Sensor Buttons
  • Graphical 128 x 64-Dot LCD Display
  • More Information
    Brands Onkyo
    Product Specifications
    • Total harmonic distortion
    • Input sensitivity & impedance
    2000mV/47k Ohms
    • Signal to noise ratio
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Power Output
    2 x 10 Watts
    • Weight
    • Frequency Response
    40Hz - 20kHz

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