The new KEF KHT8005 soundbar home theatre system a perfect combination of incredible audio performance and stylish good looks
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Today's sleek flat panel televisions demand an audio solution that complements their stylish good looks while delivering the detailed high definition audio from today's movie soundtracks. The solution is the new KEF KHT8005 soundbar home theatre system a perfect combination of incredible audio performance and stylish good looks

The heart of KEF's KHT8005 soundbar home theatre system home theatre system is the new HTF8003 three channel soundbar. Delivering on the promise of KEF's legendary sound quality and rock solid sonic Imaging, the HTF8003 produces the home theatre's front soundstage from a Single acoustically inert aluminium enclosure that delivers the performance of three discrete loudspeakers. Each of the three awe-inspiring channels is comprised of a remarkable three-way speaker system containing a KEF Uni Q driver with 75mm mid bass driver and 15mm HF driver, a 75mm woofer, and 75mm Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) for extended bass output. Sized to perfectly complement flat panels 42in. or larger the superbly finished high-gloss black HTF8003 Sound bar comes supplied with both a wall mount bracket and table stand which makes it an elegant complement to any television

The new ultra-compact HTS7001 satellite speakers are the perfect accompaniment to provide the rear channel sound in the KEF KHT8005 soundbar home theatre system. Despite their diminutive appearance they are superb performers thanks to their dual 50mm woofer and 19mm HF driver. Sitting on a table top or mounted on the wall. These attractive speakers will envelop you with surround effects that will make you part of the action

No theatre system is complete without a powerful subwoofer to provide the low frequency foundation and to support the whole system with thunderous effect, and the KUBE 2 delivers with output to spare. The KEF KHT8005 soundbar home theatre system featuring a powerful 200W Class-D amplifier and side firing 250mm long-throw bass driver with complimentary 250mm ABR, the high performance KUBE-2 subwoofer delivers deep, Impressive, well defined & tuneful bass that is sure to rock any home theatre. The KUBE 2's adjustable bass boost control allows the listener to tailor the sub to match any listening preference or to match any room condition while its handsome design will be a welcome addition to any listening room

  • Complete home theatre speaker system
  • Designed to match with 42in and larger screens
  • Front three channels from a single loudspeaker
  • New compact rear channel speakers can be wall or table mounted
  • Powerful 200W KUBE 2 performance subwoofer
  • More Information
    Brands KEF
    Product Specifications
    • Frequency Response at 3dB
    70Hz - 22kHz
    • Finish
    High gloss black
    • Cross Over Frequency
    • Recommended Amp Power
    100 Watts
    • Sensitivity
    • Impedance
    8 Ohms

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