-Arcam Rdackw Wireless Dac + Free Chord Prodac Digital Cable

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The Arcam rDACkw wireless digital to analogue convertor + FREE Chord Prodac Coaxial digital cable
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-Arcam Rdackw Wireless Dac + Free Chord Prodac Digital Cable

Simple to look at, the Arcam rDackw has sleek cast aluminium casework hides the very latest digital conversion using, at its core, the outstanding 8741 IC Wolfson DAC. Offering Kleer wireless, coaxial, optical or USB digital inputs the Arcam rDackw renders music with stunning accuracy and delivers a performance of thrilling musicality.

Uses for the Arcam rDackw are almost endless. Internet radio, set-top boxes and game stations can be connected via coaxial or optical leads to receive a dramatic increase in sound quality. PCs and Mac computers running music programs such as iTunes® or Windows Media Player can feed the Arcam rDackw via its USB input where special re-clocking circuitry has been deployed almost eliminating the jitter (timing inaccuracies) and noise usually associated with music in the computer environment, and now iPod and iPhone users can wirelessly transmit your music to the rDackw.

The dCS technology allows a precision clock to reduce the level of jitter from USB music sources. This allows the Arcam rDackw to deliver a massive improvement in sound quality over the standard USB system. The design of precision clock circuits and general digital and analogue audio engineering are some of Arcam's key strengths. The results from the highly affordable Arcam rDackw are stunning regardless of the digital audio source.

  • FREE Chord Prodac Coaxial interconnect
  • The rDAC will improve sound from all your digital sources
  • USB asynchronous technology and Kleer wireless technology
  • 1 x USB Input
  • 1 x Optical Input
  • 1 x Coaxial Input
  • 1 x Pair RCA Output
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