-Arcam Rcube iPod Speaker System Inc Arcam Rwave USB Dongle

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The Arcam rCube iPod speaker + the Arcam rWave wireless USB adaptor
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-Arcam Rcube iPod Speaker System Inc Arcam Rwave USB Dongle

The Arcam rCube portable music system is the result of more than three years of design and development and features a unique acoustic structure driven by state of the art electronics with a sublime, timeless exterior. Designed by an extremely talented and highly experienced team the Arcam rCube is for everyone and anyone.

While the Arcam rCube's sonic prowess is nothing short of stunning it's portability, enabled by a powerful Lithium battery, gives it the power to deliver musical bliss no matter what the location. Up to four hours of music at proper party volume are possible or up to eight hours of listening are available at more modest levels.

The Arcam rWave is a USB adaptor for PC or Mac computers that lets your wirelessly stream music to either the Arcam rCube or rDAC. If you own one of these systems and want to enjoy high quality music from your computer in another room, the Arcam rWave is just what you need.

  • Arcam rWave USB adaptor for your PC or Mac
  • Portable music system
  • Powerful Lithium battery will last up to 8 hours of playback
  • Integral iPod dock
  • Direct music streaming from any PC or Mac computer
  • Small and compact design
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